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C.reative L.ife S.upport Records Recording Artist, Lushbudget from Tampa Bay, FL announces name change to BLACK COAST ROYALS

As of April 24th 2014, the band formerly known as lushbudget will be officially changing their name to Black Coast Royals

The name change comes as the band has become a solid unit with it's permanent lineup. Black Coast Royals are Jason Trunzo (Vocals, Guitars, Keys) Allie Mink (Vocals, Trumpet, Keys) Jason Gilbert (Bass) and Travis Lacey (Drums) BCR has developed a clear direction and unique sound and identity. 

Since forming in 2011, lushbudget has recorded a handful of songs under the pseudonym, and most of those tunes will live on as they are original compositions created by the members of BCR.

“It was always our intent to drop the name. That name was Jason’s {Trunzo, singer and guitarist for BCR} stage persona, and once we had our own, it was time to let it go,” said Jason Gilbert, bassist for Black Coast Royals.

Black Coast Royals make their debut this thursday night on knomasi internet radio, followed by a live show on May 17th in Plant City with their friend Geri X.

From there the band re-enters the studio to record their first full-length album, shoot videos for some of the songs, and play a string of east-coast dates including a stop at the home of their record label, Mr. Small’s Funhouse, in Pittsburgh, PA.

The CD release and tour are planned for September 2014

In the meantime, the band will be hard at work on pre-production and polishing their live show.

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